May cause hours of brain usage and you may receive many "cool shirt" comments from your friends.

Are you ready to "get your freak on?"


Here's how it works

1. Your Para-Box will contain a new paranormal t-shirt each month with a info card each will contain hidden clues in the text and design.

2. Figure out the clues and try to solve our monthly challenge. 

3. Correct entries are entered into a drawing for free merch. Happy para-hunting!

Who doesn't love a good ghost story, or a story about those strange lights in the sky. Our shirts will cover a wide range of paranormal phenomenon. From haunted locations to bigfoot to Roswell, each shirt will come with a card containing a background story...but that's not all. Use those items to unlock clues that will lead you on a virtual scavenger hunt. Spend hours searching the merchandise and online for the potential of winning other goodies. 

You'll love the comfy t-shirt and rack your brain trying to find the end of our puzzles.


If you purchase a subscription anytime during a month, you will receive your box the following month. (example, if you purchase on January 1st-15th, your box will mail out in February). Subscriptions renewals will be billed at on the 15th of each month and will re-new automatically unless canceled in your account - cancel anytime. 

Let's get started

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